Monday, October 19, 2009

His Low Libido

In this weeks edition of the problem page of the Sunday Times Style magazine, Aunt Sally is away and Ulrika Jonsson has taken over. She is answering a problem about a mismatch of libido or sexual desire. The problem goes a little like this – he wants less sex and she she wants more. She is aware of his “dysfunctional relationship with sex following an abusive childhood”. He has avoided intimate relationships and had “an addiction to pornography and short-term casual affairs”. He has managed to give these up through therapy. He is now trying to”relate at an emotional level”, however he is low on “libido and desire”. They have been  together for three years.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Deliberate Self Harm in Adolescents

I attended an information evening presented by Professor Carol Fitzpatrick, Consultant Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist on behalf of the Lucena Foundation in the O Reilly Hall in UCD on 10th September. The title of the information session was “Coping With Depression & Self- Harm - A Guide For Parents”

The main output from this evening was the following:

They covered a number of symptoms of depressive disorders in young people. Indicators such as low mood, loss of appetite, loss of sleep, low concentration, loss of interest or enjoyment in life and thoughts of suicide, over a period of time indicate that the teenager is depressed. Fleeting thoughts of suicide are common in teenagers, however, preoccupation with death and suicide is not. About 4-5% of adolescents are affected by depression and it is slightly more common in girls than in boys.